Earth Day Is My Favorite Holiday

April 19, 2018

April is Stray Cat Studio’s Earth Month! Designer, Alyssa Young, working for Stray Cat for over 4 years, has always brought a special energy to the month of April. In the following she speaks about all the things that are going on at the shop this month, as well as in her own life, as she tells us why Earth Day is her favorite holiday:


The interconnection of all life is the most fascinating and exciting understanding I have ever come to. I realize more every day how this is so true and vitally important. Being that everything and everyone relies on one another it is imperative that we take the most care possible with everything we come in contact with. This is the core belief for what Earth Day stands for to me.



Mindfulness is better than any anti-pollution picket-sign in the world. If we can each be a little more mindful each time we engage in a task and consider the wholeness of where it came from, we would have a much different world. Stray Cat Studio is a place that helps its customers in shopping mindfully by providing information on it’s maker, their process, and specifically selects many makers because of their Earth friendly materials or approach. This month we are making things even more enticing for our mindful patrons by kicking off our new 5% discount for shopping with a reusable bag. Not to mention our new eco-totes are in stock. This natural canvas tote wears a hand drawn design I have created including the city of Beaver Falls growing through the roots of a Stray Cat Studio tree - illustrating again, a deep interconnection especially in this community. We also feature the design on our newest tee’s and you will find it popping up again as we move forward in the planning for our new green building in the center of the business district downtown.


Artisan Louann Mcbride will be visiting the shop from 11-2 this Saturday, April 21st 2018, during our Earth Day


Celebration to show off her natural raw paper artwork and talk to you about her yoga practice and what it's like to live on a garlic farming. We will also be giving away seedling starter pots with seeds that were handmade here at the studio by production potter Josh Hassan (while supplies last) to promote growing your own food. Something you can also take a part in through our local Community Garden. While you enjoy shopping our extensive stock of eco friendly goods take time to consider our rendition of zero-waste “Go kits”

consisting of a sculpted ceramic spork and vintage cloth napkins that are easy to keep in your car and say no to on-the-go one use plastics. We may not be able to dissolve the world of plastic entirely but any moment you find yourself more mindful is a moment gained toward the health of our planet!


Love to you all and our Earth!

- Alyssa





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