Carrying work from 90+ local artists, the Handmade Market is full of locally made art and craft from exclusively Western Pennsylvania. We also feature artist demonstrations, regularly sponsor shop events & sales, and offer fundraisers.


Our Online Shop allows you to send locally made, high quality items to those far from home. Though we don't carry everything in our Online Shop, we can always ship and gift wrap anything you see on our social media or in our Handmade Market on 7th Ave. Click the "Shop" button to be taken to our Online Shop. 


Our 90+ artists and craftspeople are home grown, right from Western Pennsylvania. Their wares range in medium and subject across the board: ceramic, wood, textile, fine art, and more.  Much of the pottery we make in our Studio next door can be found in our Handmade Market as well. 


Straight from our studio, Stray Cat artisans create custom pieces for your home. Come in or click below to see our lines of Dinnerware. Mix and match to make a set that reflects you and your home. Priced per 4-piece setting, our unique handmade pottery as affordable as it is beautiful! All of our pieces are food safe and can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. Some customizations available. 


Tired of the same fundraisers year after year? We offer fundraising PARTIES in both our Handmade Market and Pottery Studio that are really unique and fun! We set a date, you invite the guests, and a portion of all the proceeds goes to the cause of your choice. The more you support local artists, the more your organization benefits! Make it really special and do both parties at the same time to give more ways to raise money. 


We love our artists! They are the heart and soul of the Handmade Market. We do everything we can to get the bulk of the price back into your pocket. As makers ourselves, we know the pain and the process of making and selling, As a result, we're able to skillfully walk beside you, encouraging your efforts, offering advice and suggestions, as well as branding and business tips when needed. Read more to below to get started. 

SELL WITH US - Information for Artists

At Stray Cat Studio Handmade Market, we enjoy selling quality art and craft from almost exclusively Western Pennsylvania.

We also enjoy connecting our artists to a customer base who appreciates quality artwork. There are many tasks that must be done to promote and sell artwork when you take this task on for yourself. These are often the "hidden fees" of your home business, and aren't easily calculable.  By selling with us you'll save your precious time (and save it for making products!), but also craft show fees, Etsy commissions & fees, gas for trips running all your work around & to the Post Office to ship items, social media ad costs, display set up costs, packaging, internet fees, time to haggle with happy or unhappy customers, etc.

Leave the work of PRESENTATION, SELLING, and MARKETING to us!  We only take a 35% for all work we sell for you (very low compared to other galleries).  For this commission, we will:

  • Display your pieces carefully in the delightful and sensory setting of our Gift Shop.
  • Advertise the Shop in general to expose more people to your work, and the art of Western PA.
  • Cover all the overhead expenses that selling requires (utilities, knowledgeable staff, storefront, insurance, & equipment)
  • Market your items occasionally on social media, e-mails, or though our various craft shows. 
  • Use pictures of your work in occasional purchased ads on social media, as well as print or billboards.
  • Offer yearly “Distinguished Artist” awards for those excelling in making and selling their wares. 
  • Offer support & advice to you as you grow in your art business regarding brand recognition, customer relations, and public exposure.
  • Wrap your items for customers in eye-catching packaging when they purchase your work in our Shop. 
  • Bring your work to relevant art shows or bridal fairs, (as appropriate to your work & the market we’re engaging).
  • Facilitate special orders of your work, and solicit more business for you through our contacts in the Gift Shop.
  • List pieces of your work in our On-Line Gift Shop for no extra fees.

Our market is generally women in their 30's-60's

who are appreciative of fewer items in their home of greater meaning, and men in their 20's-50's who want to buy meaningful gifts for their wives.  Our sales are "slow and steady". Things do not tend to "fly off the shelves", but you will also most likely receive a steady check from us once people know and appreciate the quality of your products. We have a very loyal and dedicated group of customers who are committed to our vision of local economic revitalization in the town of Beaver Falls, and who value both shopping "local" and quality handmade artwork that won't wear out quickly.  

Our price points are varied, depending on the kind of work.

For instance, we have carried paintings in the $1000+ range, though these require just the right buyer. Our leather goods tend to be the next expensive items--ranging from $50-$200.  Much of the other work is below that in price. The items that sell most often tend to be between $10-$50. 

We work very hard to take good care of our artists,

both in handling their precious work and in proper and timely consignment payments.  We seek their best interest, whenever possible, and are happy to pass their names along to others looking to sell their work. We are also glad to provide references from several artists from the Craftsman's Guild of Pittsburgh, if that would be of help in deciding to sell with us. 

A couple things you should know when selling with us:

  • Please note that once someone is accepted as a "Stray Cat Studio Artist", ANY outside commissions received via our marketing of your products or connecting you to buyers is also subject to the 30% commission rate (35% as of June 1, 2017) that would apply to items sold from in-shop.
  • We have a selling radius of 10 miles. We ask that you do not sell the same items in our Shop as any shop 10 miles from here. However, if you would like to sell in another shop nearby, you may do so by selling different products in each shop. 

Once your work has been accepted, there are a couple things we need you to do before you can officially become a Stray Cat seller: 

1. You'll need to print and fill out our 4 forms:
  1. Consignment Agreement
  2. Biographical Information Form
  3. Inventory Record (**this one must be done EACH time you give us a new batch of items**)
  4. W-9 Form
2. Create a label or tag of some sort that has the following information (if relevant) that can be attached to EACH piece that needs explanation:
  • Your personal or business name or i.d.
  • Any contact info you would like (facebook, phone #, website, etc.)
  • Washing/care instructions
  • Whether you take custom orders. (Please note that ALL custom orders obtained via connection to Stray Cat Studio are subject to the 35/65 commission scale and should be processed through the store.)
  • Anything of interest about your piece(s) that helps people understand the value of the piece--is it hand-dyed? made from recycled materials? made by a 10 yr. old? What makes your products unique?
  • Easily attachable to your work (pins work nicely on fabric, ribbons can tie labels onto mugs, etc.)
  • Have room for a small 1" circle Stray Cat logo price sticker


Tel: (724)494-9347

E-mail: StrayCatArts@gmail.com

507 Seventh Ave., Beaver Falls, PA  15010 

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